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Activities in Lake Mburo National Park

Activities in Lake Mburo

Activities in Lake Mburo

Activities in Lake Mburo, Lake Mburo national park is a protected area in Kiruhura district covering an area of 260 sq.km. The national park was gazetted in 1983 to protect several animals and other wildlife in the park. At the time of getting the park, cattle keepers lived along with the animals. And at times could kill some for meat and others when they had attacked the cattle. The government gazetted the whole area and locals were asked to move away from the park and settle in other areas.

When lake mburo national park was gazetted, animals were protected and the population kept on increasing. The government has introduced animals that had gone to extinction and among these include the giraffes. The animals were brought to the park to allow tourists see several animals species during their visits.

About 68 mammals and 350 bird species live in lake mburo national park. These have attracted a number of tourists. The national park has physical attractions like the lakes, hills and much more which also attract tourists. A number of activities are carried out in lake mburo national park and the main ones include the following.

Game drives

Game drives are the most done activities in lake mburo national park carried out in different areas of the park. There are night, morning and evening game drives. Those who participate do get an opportunity of seeing as many animals as they can. The game drives last for 2 to 3 hours to give tourists more chances of seeing animals.

In the game drive activities, tourists do get to see animals such as lions, buffaloes, side striped jackals, duikers, olive baboons, leopards, spotted hyenas, zebras, giraffes, elands. Topis, impalas, duikers, gaint forest hogs, hippos, crocodiles, and many others.  The night game drives will give you a chance to see most of the nocturnal animals in the park eating their prey or moving around looking for fresh.

Bird watching

Over 350 bird species not mention the migratory birds do live in lake mburo national park. These are seen when one takes nature walks to birding areas within the park whit a birding ranger guide and a bird guide. With a pair of binoculars, bird lovers will be able to see a number of bird species. Some of which are not seen in other country areas.

The bird watching in Lake Mburo national park gives you an opportunity to see bird species such as papyrus gonolek, red faced barbet, African wattle lawping, blue headed coucal, greater painted snipe, pied kingfisher. Bare faced go away bird, black billed bustard, African finfoot, mosque swallow, yellow rumped tinkebird, southern ground hornbill, brown chested lapwing. Hairy breasted barbet, grey crowned crane and African scops owl among others.


Nature walks

Nature walks are other activities done in lake mburo national park. They are done during free times and tourists do get chances of getting close to nature and feel the wilderness. The nature walks are done in different directions of the park basing on what the toursist want to see. Nature walks can take you ti the salt lick where animals love to eat the salty soil. They can take you to the hills where you get to see different lakes of Mburo also take you to rubanga forest among others.

Community tours

The community visit activities take you to homes of the locals living around lake mburo national park. These activities are done to allow tourists get to see and know how the local people live their lives. The community tours will take you to cattle keepers homes and yopu will be able to know about cattle raring, products got from cows, and you can taste the local milk.


Tourists on a safari to lake mburo national park can carry out  cycling tours to move around the national park or villages. The cycling activities are guided and tourists are safe moving around the protected area. During the cycling, tourists do get an opportunity to meet a number of park animals, local people, lakes, hills, and many other things.

Horse riding

There are horses for hire in lake mburo national park to take you around the park. As you get to see a number of animals and attractions. The horses are way different from the safari vehicles. Because they take you deep in the vegetation yet the safari  vehicles pass through game tracks. With horses you will get close to most of the park animals even though some tend to be shy and run away.



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