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When to book a gorilla trekking permit?


When to book a gorilla trekking permit?

When to book a gorilla trekking permit?, The gorila permits are valid in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These are the countries that are home to the endangered mountain gorillas. And in the whole world, you will only find the mountain gorillas in these countries. Due to the presence of endangered mountain gorillas in these countries. These countries do receive a lot of tourists who flock to the countries to see the gorillas. So if you want to see the gorillas, then you must come to these countries.

Importantly, one needs to have a gorilla trekking permit in order to see the gorillas. And these permits  issued by the relevant and respective authorities in each country where the gorillas found. The gorilla permit is an odd document confirming that you have paid. That you are free to see the gorillas in the country where you bought them.

Once you have booked the gorilla permit. You will have the chance to enter the forest, walk on foot, and see the mountain gorillas. In Uganda, you can get the gorilla permit from Uganda wildlife authorities’ headquarters at Kamwokya. Or from the recognized tour operator who will book you the permit from Uganda wildlife authority on behalf of you.

The Rwanda Development Board is responsible for issuing gorilla trekking permits. In terms of costs, the Uganda gorilla permits are cheaper at $700. And in Rwanda, you will be able to get the gorilla permit for $1500 per person per permit. As I said earlier, the gorilla permit is the official document or paper with the stamp of the Uganda Wildlife Authority in Uganda. That will allow you to spend one hour with the gorilla family in the wild. The money  obtained from the sale of the gorilla permit. Used to spearhead conservation efforts and keep these animals safe in the wild.

When should I book the gorilla permit? This question asked by several people. Especially those who wish to get the gorilla permit. The gorilla trekking permit booked anytime in Uganda and Rwanda. As there is no specific time when you should book the gorilla permit. Once you have decided to book the gorilla permit, you can do so directly with the Uganda Wildlife Authority or Rwanda Development Board. These are the important authorities in all the countries that are responsible for issuing the gorilla permit. You are free to directly book the permit from the authorities or use the services of the tours and travel company. Which seems so convenient.

It’s important to note that you can book the gorilla permit once you have confirmed the dates of your travel. This is the first step that you should take when planning the gorilla permit. Once you have confirmed the dates when you wish to work with the gorillas, you will share the dates with a responsible tour operator, who will then check for the availability of the gorilla permit with the authorities. The availability compared against the dates that you suggested. Once there is availability, you will be notified and then start the booking process.

You will be confirmed to go biking once you have paid the commitment fee for the permit. And when you clear the whole amount, you will receive your permit and then go for the gorilla trekking experience. Or, you can as well book the gorilla permit directly from the Uganda Wildlife Authority headquarters once you have confirmed the date. These accessed through email or through direct contact with them. Once you have gotten the dates and the availability.

It is a reminder to book your gorilla trekking permit anytime and in advance. It is recommended that you book this safari early in advance, like 3 months in advance, to be very safe and secure. The trick here is that once you delay, the gorilla trekking permit can be sold out quickly. Especially during the peak season, which starts in early May and ends in late September. Thus, to avoid last-minute bookings, it is very good to book your gorilla permit anytime and in advance.

You can also reserve your gorilla trekking and trekking permit by contacting and trusting us as your service provider. You can send us an email or phone and let us know the days, months, and year you’d like to travel, as well as the gorilla destination. Following your contact with us, we  check the availability of permits; if any match your dates, you will be required to pay a deposit for the permits. Once we have your payment, we will buy the permits on your behalf and send you a confirmation email with a scanned copy of the receipt. From there, you will secure your gorilla trekking permit and experience.



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