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Fly in safaris

Fly in safaris

Uganda is one of the best destinations for fly in safaris adventures. There are several good-looking destinations in Uganda that are found in remote areas. That are not easy to access by road; they can only be accessed by flights. In the Ugandan tourism market, there is an introduction to the flight schedules and the chartered flights. That can be used to fly to the interesting destinations that are found in the surrounding areas. The scheduled and chartered flights do work through the destinations. And most of these flights start at the Entebbe International Airport and then fly to various destinations.

While taking in the flying safaris, you will be able to learn about and appreciate the best Ugandan landscapes in the air, which are extremely interesting and wonderful. Most of the Ugandan national parks and tourist attractions are found away from the city center, and the only international airport is found in the city center. This makes it sometimes so difficult to move by road and access these areas. Thus, visitors who cannot afford to travel by road can get the scheduled flights to these attractions.

Always the fly in safaris saves time, and they enable the visitors to reach the destination early in advance and make themselves so much more interesting. The fly-in safaris are good for the honey moon travelers, the solo travelers, and may be the visitors. Who are using the small group to travel to several destinations in order to save time. For large groups, then it is good to travel by road as it may become a much more affordable and enjoyable option. And this is extremely wonderful and interesting. However, visitors who have limited time and budget can opt to go on fly-in safaris to save time. Which is extremely wonderful. In Uganda, ero-link and bar airlines play an important part in the flying in safari. As they offer scheduled and charter flights to clients to various destinations in Uganda.

There are various destinations where fly-in safaris have become so common, and these include Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. Most of the clients, especially those who are not interested in traveling long distances and those who have limited time, Always come and fly from Entebbe International Airport to Kihihi Airstrip or Kisoro Airstrip and later connect to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. Aerolink offers these services from Entebbe International Airport.

Both Mgahinga and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park are located in remote areas. And visitors will have to drive about 9 hours from the Entebbe International Airport to access these destinations. There are daily flights from Entebbe to Kihihi, and you can also take advantage of various accommodation services near these lodges, including Buhoma Lodge, among others. The Bwindi National Park has four sectors where the gorilla trekking conducted. And these include Buhoma, Rushage, Ruhija, and Nkuringo. As you fly to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, you will see the outstanding views of Uganda and beautiful landscapes from above.

Another destination for the fly-in safari in Uganda  called Queen Elizabeth National Park. This is one of the most popular and most visited national parks, with a lot of wild animals and several species of birds. By using the flying safari, Queen Elizabeth National Park  accessed through the Kase and Mweya airstrips.

The park offers outstanding views along the Kazinga Channel. And by taking the boat cruise here, you will come close to hippos, buffaloes, lions, elephants, and several species of birds. For the visitors interested in driving. They will need six hours to drive from Entebbe to Queen Elizabeth National Park, and this is extremely outstanding. But with the flying safari, you will be able to reach the park in just one hour. Which will give you ample time to explore the park.

Other than Queen Elizabeth National Park, the fly-in safari can also take you to Kidepo Valley National Park, which is one of the national parks that is less visited because of its distance from the city center. Fly-in safaris will connect you to these great tourist destinations in Uganda, despite their remoteness. Because of its beauties, Kidepo  commonly referred to as the mara of Uganda. Travelers can fly to Kidepo and explore its immense richness without having to endure the tiresome drive thanks to Pakuba Airstrip, which is right outside the park, and three others (Pakuba, Bugungu, and Chobe) that are minutes away in Murchison Fall.

Incredibly diverse wildlife, a breathtakingly rugged landscape. And some of the most fascinating cultural communities in the nation found in the semi-arid Kidepo Valley. Further, the flying safari used to fly to Murchison Falls National Park. Which is the largest national park in Uganda, with scenic views of Murchison Falls National Park, which is very interesting. Fortunately, despite how many days you intend to stay at the safari camp. You can still take in the splendor of Murchison Falls National Park. You can reach other well-known locations. Such as Queen Elizabeth National Park or Kibale National Park. Or even fly directly to Entebbe International Airport, by taking fly-in safaris. Aerolink makes traveling more convenient and enjoyable by providing chartered flights between these locations and Murchison Falls National Park (Pakuba, Bugungu, and Chobe airstrips). Please make sure that you contact us for the best safari experience.



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