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Golden Monkey Trekking


Golden monkey trekking is an activity that involves tourists going into the jungle, searching, finding, and spending 1 hour watching the golden monkeys. With golden monkey trekking it takes a few hours about 2-4 because they love to stay in the bamboo trees. You must have a golden monkey trekking permit to be part of the trekking activity. This species of primate endemic to the Virunga conservation area. In Uganda, golden money is found in Mgahunga national park a 33.9 sq. km area full of bamboo vegetation which is part of their food menu. Tourists who want to encounter golden monkeys can only find them in  mganhinga-national-park. The national park is famously known for mountain gorilla trekking in the southwestern part of the country.

The trekking permits are issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority therefore travelers can book directly or indirectly using local tour operators. A single trekking permit in Mgahinga national park does cost $60 for foreign nonresidents, $50 for foreign residents, and UGX40,000 citizens of East African member states. The permit fees do not include park entrance fees.

Tourists can always be part of the golden monkey trekking activities while on gorilla safaris in Mgahinga national park or any other safari around the country. Travelers must move to the park with the permits to be allowed in the trekking activity

Golden monkey trekking experience in Mgahinga national park

Just like mountain gorilla trekking in the same park, golden monkey trekking starts with a briefing at the Ntebeko visitors center. Trekkers are first taught about the rules and regulations of the activity by head guides. After that, armed ranger guides are chosen to lead trekkers into the jungle. Armed ranger guides move to different areas with bamboo trees using different trails.Activities in Mgahinga national park

The search for golden monkeys doesn’t last long like mountain gorillas for they are seen very easily.

It takes 2-4 hours to locate the golden monkey troop and it’s located, trekkers are given 1-hour t be around the members. Golden monkeys are very playful and they will never be in the same place therefore you need to be ready to move to where they go.


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