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Mountain Climbing/Hiking Safari


Mountain Climbing/Hiking Safari

Mountain Climbing/Hiking Safari is one of the most interesting adventure safaris that you don’t need to miss. Once you have decided to come and visit Uganda. Uganda is one of the best countries on the African continent. That offers exciting mountain climbing and hiking safaris. Due to the availability of several mountains that can be utilized by tourists for the climbing experience, and this is extremely interesting.

The most popular and exciting climbing or hiking safari is done on Mount Rwenzori. And visitors are also interested in reaching the peak of the mountain, Margarita Margarita Peak. Still, there are other mountains that are used to offer the Mountain Climbing/Hiking Safari experience to the visitors. These include the mountain Elgon with its Wagagai peak. This is extremely interesting and wonderful for you to be able to come and enjoy the great safari experience. The Mountain Climbing/Hiking Safari can also further extend to Sipi Falls. This climbing or hiking safari  combined with a wildland and top-notch gorilla trekking safari experience.

The Mountain Climbing/Hiking Safari will lead you to Mount Rwenzori. Which is snowcapped and the highest mountain in Uganda, offering the best safari experience. The highest peak of the mountain, Rwenzori National Park. Reached when you hike for more than 120 kilometers. But of course you can climb it non-stop, but rather you will climb it as you are having some stopovers. The Rwenzori Mountains provide visitors with a first-class hiking experience. It is the best destination for hiking.

It is good to take 12 days of Rwenzori hiking. But some of the clients opt to do 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 days of hiking in the mountain Rwenzori National Park. And this is absolutely wonderful and interesting. You need to be physically fit to be able to complete the best twelve days of the Rwenzori hiking safari. However, for the less physically fit visitors, you can opt for the short mountain Rwenzori trekking safari experience. Which is extremely worthwhile and interesting. Visitors can also opt for the hiking experiences along the Bakonzo village, which provide natural walks. As well as the cultural experiences, which are extremely wonderful and interesting.

Yes, the Mountain Climbing/Hiking Safari will take you to the Ugandan volcanoes. Which include the Magahinga, Muhavura, and Sbinyo. These  mountains formed as the result of volcanic activity.Found in the southwestern part of Uganda. These volcanoes offer the best safari or climbing experiences, and a hike to these mountains is truly rewarding. If you want to combine hiking a volcano with seeing mountain gorillas. You should go to one of the three volcanoes. As it may take you two to three days to reach the top. These will provide the finest hiking choice and mix it with other tour activities. In such places depending on which side of Uganda you want to visit, ensuring that you have a pleasant stay.

If you want to know which mountain offers the finest experience or when it’s ideal to hike any of them. Get in touch with us. The greatest places to go for individuals interested in mountain climbing are Kisoro and Kabale. And this is extremely One of the very few thrilling volcanoes in Uganda is Mountain Elgon. Situated in the east of the country. It may take three to four days to reach the peak, which features one of Uganda’s biggest calderas. If you get in touch with the Uganda Wildlife Authority, which oversees hiking and trekking activities, we can assist you in planning a mountain climbing excursion. Please make sure that you engage in the best safari experience possible.

Meanwhile, make sure that you have the proper gear packed for your mountaineering excursion to ensure enjoyment and success, and these items include hiking boots for treading on slick surfaces and loose rocks. Carry extra water to replenish your fluids. Fill your backpack with energy-boosting snacks to keep you going strong while trekking. Bring comfortable sleeping bags, warm jackets, and sweaters in case you have to do a lengthy climb, like Mount Rwenzori. With Uganda’s jungles, rainforests, savanna plains, and mountains, the distinctive, rugged beauty of the volcanoes offers a surreal, adventurous backdrop for climbers and hikers, making a mountain climbing safari a must-do on your Uganda safari.



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