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Chances of seeing mountain gorillas

Chances of seeing mountain gorillas

Chances of seeing mountain gorillas

Chances of seeing mountain Gorillas in Uganda are 95 %. It would be absurd to pay a huge amount of money and, at the end of the day, fail to see the endangered mountain gorillas in the wild or miss out on this great experience. When we talk about the chances of seeing the gorillas, we mean how likely it is that the visitor will see the gorillas once he goes and finds them in the wild.

What I can say is that the chances of seeing the gorilla in Rwanda or Uganda are about 95%, and thus, to this day, you will know the chances of seeing the gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda. You need to know if you will see the gorillas before you start and decide on the safari experience, and this is helpful because it will help you decide whether it is good for you to do the gorilla safari experience and know how likely you are to see the gorillas.

The reason why the chances of seeing the gorillas are high  because of the highest levels of the organization. That is involved in the gorilla trekking experience in Uganda or Rwanda. For the several years that we have spent in the industry, we have not heard of any clients who have ever complained of seeing endangered mountain gorillas, and this is extremely interesting.

The gorilla trekking experience in Uganda starts early in the morning, and thus activity is done with the use of advanced trackers that go before a group of mountain gorillas go to the forest before the actual activity is done. These trackers will start tracking the gorillas based on where they found the nests the previous night, and once the advanced team sees these gorillas, they will communicate with the guides, who will lead you as you track through the forests.

Here, you will start the activity of the gorilla trekking into the forest, and you will follow the designated routes through communication with the rangers. The time it takes from the starting point to the end takes about 6 hours, and this depends on where the gorilla family has been located or found. Once you have finished, you will stay with the gorillas for one hour before you return to the starting point to receive the certificate.

Of course, some travellers would wonder what would happen if they didn’t see the gorillas on their gorilla trekking day. Yes, at times natural occurrences can happen and you fail to have the gorillas yet you have booked for them. Let’s say natural disasters like too much rain or any other reason beyond the control of the authority. In this case, the Uganda Wildlife Authority will compensate you by giving you another free day to enter the park and see the gorillas, so there is no need to worry about you comin and seeing the gorillas here. Gorilla trekking in Uganda  done in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park or Bwindi Impregnatable Forest National Park, and in Rwanda, the gorilla trekking activity only happens in Volcanoes National Park.

The chances of seeing the gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda are also directly related to the booking time of your gorilla permits, because if you don’t book in advance, your chances of seeing the gorillas may be low. To confirm that you have a reservation for Uganda gorilla trekking, you must obtain your gorilla permit in advance. Recommended for tourists arriving in Uganda through Entebbe to purchase their gorilla permits from Kampala. And for tourists arriving in Uganda through Kigali, they can purchase their permits at the branch headquarters of the Uganda Wildlife Authority in Kisoro town, which is 1-2 hours’ drive from Bwindi. Or for those trekking in Rwanda, you can get the gorilla trekking permit from Rwanda Development Boards.

You can also book the gorilla permit from us, as one of the best gorilla safari operators; they may get your gorilla permit for you in advance and on short notice. Once you confirm your dates and share them with us via email or WhatsApp, we’ll first make a tentative online reservation for the gorilla permits for you. Then, once payment clears on our account, we’ll buy your gorilla permits right away and send you scans of your permits for your records and inspection. This will confirm you’ve paid for your gorilla permits, which is interesting, and this increases the chances of seeing mountain gorillas.




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