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Honeymoon safaris

Honeymoon safaris

Honeymoon safaris

When we talk of the honeymoon safaris, we meet newlywed couples. Who wish to have their honey intimacy outside their usual environment. In case you are looking for a destination where you can have your honeymoon safari experience. You need to visit Uganda since the country has gotten very popular in places that are important for honey monks. And you don’t need to miss out on this safari experience.

While on your honey moon safari in Uganda, you can explore many attractions and sights or see many animals. Including the chimpanzees, the endangered mountain gorillas, the water bucks, the bush bucks. The big five animals of the world, including the leopards, lions, rhions, and elephants. These animals can be seen as you are staying at important Honey Moon lodges. Including Paraa Safari Lodge, Pakuba Safari Lodge, Buhoma Havens Lodge, Elephant Hub Lodge, Birders Nest Lodge, Chimpanzee Forest Lodge, and Birdnest Lodge, among others. Some of these lodges are found along the water bodies. Which gives you the best safari experience and the best comfort during your Honey Moon safari experience.

There are several destinations in Uganda that you can visit as you enjoy your honey moon safari.

Some of these destinations include

Murchison Falls National Park.

This is one of the wonderful parks in Uganda that features several species. It is the biggest national park in Uganda with very luxurious lodges and is crossed by the longest river Nile. The park hosts more than 76 species of mammals. Those who are interested in seeing the big five, such as lions, elephants, leopards, buffaloes, and rhinos seen easily here in Murchison Falls National Park.

Other than these animals, the park contains other animals such as the oribi, the warthogs, the bald and white colobus monkeys, the olive baboons, and several species of birds. Actually, most of the Honey Moons select this park because of its ability to fulfill their demands. The honey monks here enjoy the boat cruise and several other tourist activities, such as spit fishing. You can also engage in various activities, such as the game drive experience, trekking with the chimpanzees found in Budongo, and many other species. Enjoy your ssweetest nights at Pakuba Safari Lodge, Twiga Safari Lodge, Chobe Safari Lodge, and Para Safari Lodge as you tell stories of your natural love.

Queen Elizabeth National Park,

Another destination where you can go for the honey moon in Uganda is Queen Elizabeth National Park, the park known as the medley of wonders with interesting features to enjoy during your honey moon safari experience. The park is found in western Uganda, and it is famous for hosting the tree-climbing lions, which are found in the Ishasha sector. The park is also an important birding area, with more than 600 species of birds that can be found in this park.

Queen Elizabeth National Park further features several primates, including the chimpanzees. Which can be tracked in Kyambura George, and taking an Aboat cruiser on Kazinga Channel is the best honey moon activity that you can do in Murchison Falls National Park. After all these experiences, you can rest at good hotels like Mweya Safari Lodge and Buffalo Safari Lodge, among others. Birdwatching is the best activity, as is the chimpanzee trekking safari experience. You can also engage in cultural encounters with the Kasoga community or Lake Katwe Salty community visitors.

Bwindi impenetrable forest national park

Your Honey Moon safari will also lead you to Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. An UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park is known for hosting a large number of gorillas in the whole world. And gorilla trekking, birdwatching, and the Batwa community experience are the best safari activities. That you can do during the honey moon safari in this great park of Bwindi.

Kibale Forest National Park

Further, enjoy Kibale Forest National Park. During your honeymoon safari in Uganda, you can participate in exciting activities at Kibale Forest National Park. Including chimpanzee trekking, where you can interact with chimpanzees up close, chimpanzee habituation. Where you can spend four hours with chimpanzees, nature walks, and bird watching, among others. Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge, Crater Safari Lodge. Chimps Nest Lodge, Ataco Country Resort, Isunga Lodge, Chimpanzee Forest Guest House, Kibale Forest Camp, Mountain of the Moon Hotel, Ndali Lodge, Kibale Guest Cottages, Papaya Lake Lodge, Kibale Safari Lodge, Kyaninga Lodge, Primate Safari Lodge, Chimpundu Lodge, Turaco Tree lodge. And others are among the lodging options in Kibale Forest National Park.

Other destinations for honey moon safaris in Uganda include Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Victoria, and Kidepo Valley National Park, among others.

Remember that honey moon safaris can be done all year around, but they are best done during the dry season that comes in the months of June, July, August, September, December, January, and February. The vegetation will be thin during the dry season, making it easier to see animals clearly. Access roads, gorilla trekking, and hiking trails will also be dry and usable, in contrast to the wet/rainy season when the trails are muddy, slippery, and wet, making trekking challenging. Please contact us for more details.



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