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The best time to do a safari in Uganda

The best time to do a safari in Uganda

The best time to do a safari in Uganda

The best time to do a safari in Uganda, when you are there and you are planning to have the best adventure safari. Then you need to know the best time when you can travel to Uganda and have a wonderful safari experience. In countries that experience a tropical type of climate, it is always good to understand the best time to do safaris in Uganda. Because the weather in Uganda is so unpredictable. Uganda is one of the best destinations, offering varied wildlife experiences, landscapes, and a fascinating cultural experience. That provides visitors with an outstanding safari experience.

You will enjoy the gorilla trekking experience as well as experiencing the big five a animals and typhoons. Which offer a fantastic experience for the best safari experience, which is interesting. In order to come to Uganda and enjoy these great safari activities and attractions. You need to consider time in terms of weather or season. When you should be able to do a safari in Uganda. And thus, today we are going to explain to you the different factors that will determine your choice of gorilla trekking experience in Uganda. This is extremely wonderful and interesting.

We can say that the best time to go on an African safari is during the dry season. The tropical atmosphere of the Ugandan climate makes Uganda have a wild life and gorilla safari throughout the year. The weather in Uganda determined by several factors, including the physical landscapes. Like the rift valley escarpments, the presence of several water bodies such as the lake visitors, the mountains, and rivers. As well as the fact that Uganda is close to the equators. Which influences the type of weather and climate that Uganda experiences.

In Uganda, there are two rainy seasons, and the longest rainy season starts in March and goes through May, and another one comes in November. During periods of heavy rain, there are few tourists, and this is considered the low season. Yes, this has been described as a rainy day, but you find that the rain can do so for three hours, and later you can continue with the safari experience, which makes it so interesting and wonderful.

During the short rainy seasons, you will be able to enjoy some sunshine, which can change the mood of your safari. Thus, it does not mean that when it’s raining season, you can’t do a safari; you can do it, but you will be disturbed by some of the rainfall, and this is extremely interesting and wonderful.

It is therefore on this ground that we can say that visiting Uganda during the rainy season not recommended. Because it becomes too difficult for you to navigate through muddy trails. And some of the roads become so difficult to access. Thus, if you want to come during the rainy season, then better come in November. As the grass is very green and it is a good time for visitors who are interested in birding. This is also the best time for taking photos of the safari experience, and this is extremely wonderful.

Here we come and say that the best time to do as Africa in Uganda is now during the dry season, and this is the time when the wildlife can be easily seen. This is because the area is dry, and thus traveling in drier months is the best time. In Uganda, the drier months for seeing wild animals include June to August and then December to February. This is the time when there is a lot of sunshine, and during this period, the chances of rain falling are minimal in the north-eastern part of the park.

The weather conditions during these months are extremely hot, especially in Kidepo Valley National Park. The southern region, where gorilla trekking takes place, is also dry and less slick. Therefore, the dry season months are the best times to do gorilla trekking or chimpanzee tracking. Animals congregate around water sources during these months, and there is minimal foliage to hide them, making wildlife easy to observe.

During this dry season, birdwatching is also possible. Some contend that between late May and September, when there is less rain and plenty of animal food in the parks. The best period for birdwatching in Uganda. From November through April, migrating birds easily seen in the parks by birdwatchers. Many different bird species are visible in the early morning hours, which makes them ideal for birdwatching. The dry season, which runs from January to March, is also the best time for wildlife viewing.

The cost of seeing wildlife in the dry season tends to be greater during the peak months of June to September, and the parks frequently crowded. Because of the Christmas season, December is also a hectic month. To minimize disappointments make reservations in advance. Despite the crowds, hiking gorillas at this time is favourable since it is easier to find them on the lower slopes. And treks take less time because there is more food available. We believe that by sharing and learning from this experience. You will be able to learn and enjoy the best of wildlife safaris in Uganda.



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